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  Good Harvest Trading was formed by Tim and Joanne Specht in 2012 for the purpose of supporting the program’s of Harvest Hands International, by creating for-profit enterprises that will bring about Christian transformation in rural communities built on the knowledge of God’s presence and love for people through Jesus Christ.

  The purpose of Good Harvest Trading is to strengthen the faith of farmers in Jesus Christ and create employment in rural communities, by finding local and international markets that will provide farmers a higher percentage of their crop’s final value.

Our Objectives

  • To promote Christian transformation in rural farming communities
  • To create new local and international markets for farmers.
  • To partner with like minded groups for Christian transformation and the alleviation of poverty.

Mission Statement

   Our mission is to work with rural people for transformation through the gospel of Jesus Christ by forming direct trade partnerships, micro entreprises and agricultural networks.

 Our Values

  1. We are Christian. Everything we do, is done to make Jesus Christ known.
  2. We follow Christ's example of valuing the poor and needy.
  3. Integrity and excellence are the organization’s core values.
  4. We work by cooperation and a willingness to share our ideas.
  5. We support the protection of the environment and strive to model good stewardship

 Activities of the Ministry:

Create agricultural networks to alleviate poverty, and provide care for marginalized and vulnerable children and women.

Tim Specht
Tim has been working with Ugandan mission programs since 1997 and is the Founder and President.

About the President

   Tim is a Canadian from the Vancouver and Victoria area and is a member of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Mission BC. He has been administering mission projects in Uganda for 17 years (during 9 of those years, he has lived in rural Uganda), coordinating a discipleship training program, managing children’s sponsorships and developing sustainable small businesses.



Good Harvest Trading provides quality local products through partnerships and enterprises which transform local communities.



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